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    <p>RICHARD MILLE RM 010 WATCHES cheap</p>
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    <p>Technical Specifications<br>
    sapphire crystal<br>
    Pink Gold<br>
    46 mm<br>
    13.12 mm<br>
    Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Chronograph<br>
    Deployment Buckle<br>
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    <p>Breitling air chronograph double chase watch</p>
    <p>Breitling to the most sophisticated contemporary sophisticated manufacturing technology, one of the challenges, the successful launch of self-made dual chronograph chronograph movement, once again highlights the brand in the field of watch technology extraordinary ability. Is committed to creating a professional "wrist instrument" Breitling, its carefully developed a new Breitling homemade B03 movement (has applied for two patents) to use innovative structure to ensure the best accuracy, ruggedness and reliability. Now, Breitling decided to offer this great technology leap to the broad masses of advocates through its most famous air chronograph series (Navitimer). The new watch introduces two versions of stainless steel and red gold, and is equipped with a unique bronze dial.CHOPARD MILLE MIGLIA 2017 WATCHES cheap</p>
    <p>With self-made mechanical chronograph watch a small number of watch brands, and have entirely by the internal development and production of patented dual chronograph movement brand is rare. With the Swiss official Observatory certification (COSC) Breitling self-made B03 movement heavy debut, Breitling once again confirms the brand in the field of mechanical chronograph leading position, while strengthening its watch in the development process The key role. Nearly a century, Breitling has set a number of key milestones in this field; in 1915, Breitling first in the first 2 o’clock position of the independent timing button; 1934, Breitling invented the second independent timing button; 1969 Year, Breitling led the world’s first automatic chronograph watch. Breitling one of the most classic wrist masterpiece – the famous 1944 Duograph watch, is also an indispensable part of this epic legend; this watch is equipped with ultra-thin dual chronograph movement, by Watch collectors of the favor and sought after.</p>
    <p>Double chronograph timing is the industry recognized the most difficult to create one of the mechanical watch function; watch with two overlapping central timing pointer, press the needle after the two buttons will be separated from each other, a pointer still, Used to measure the middle time (segmentation time) and the other to continue to run; once the button is pressed again, the stopped pointer will immediately "catch up" (French "rattraper") is running the pointer. This type of "super complex" watch is usually only small batch production, and the need for watchmakers spend a lot of time on the adjustment and rating (correction chase wheel and gear shaft clearance, spring tightness, and clamp The depth of interspersed, etc.) in the development of self-made dual chronograph movement in the process, Breitling use innovative way to create this unique mechanical device.</p>
    <p>In the creation of "professionals on the wrist instrument" under the guidance of the brand concept, the technical watch expert Breitling strive to large-scale production at the same time, to ensure that the watch is still excellent strength, precision and reliability, The slogan of the 1940s – "Quality in series". Breitling’s goal is to develop a system with the least amount of components to ensure the best performance in order to avoid lengthy tuning processes, in short, to find a simple and efficient solution for complex problems. To achieve this goal, Breitling team took many years, this in-depth study and testing.</p>
    <p>The energy level is one of the major challenges facing developers of dual chronograph movement. Double chase the repeated start and stop will produce different energy needs, which will not only affect the timing accuracy, but also weaken the watch’s power reserve. One way to solve this problem is to equip the movement with a separate system for separating the chipper when the chronograph stops – this is the way the brewer is used. However, in order to find a more reliable and more effective solution, Breitling engineers and watchmakers have re-examined and transformed the traditional structure of the dual chronograph device. They have developed two innovative designs and have applied for a patent.</p>
    <p>One of the breakthroughs is related to the previously mentioned independent system; the drive device of the chasing lever is usually a cylindrical plug design, which, once smaller than a certain size, is particularly complicated to produce. Centennial with a special stamping parts to replace the traditional design of the bolt, not only to achieve a more accurate shape of the structure, but also help enhance the firmness of the components. Thanks to this independent system, chronograph timing will no longer watch the timing accuracy and power storage impact. Another innovative technology is related to the chasing mechanism of the needle; in the traditional design, the watchmakers will use a clamp to locate the round (smooth or with ultra-fine teeth) to achieve this function The This braking system is not only difficult to produce, but also to the accuracy of a certain degree of impact. Breitling engineers draw inspiration from a bicycle brake with a rubber pad, and propose a new design concept that adds a ring seal around the round and restricts the clamp by pressing. This not only can bring accurate braking effect, but also help to simplify the production, and further enhance the reliability of the system.</p>
    <p>cheap SEIKO WATCHES.Breitling to the early development of the 01 movement as the basis, carefully developed and created a new B03 automatic winding double chronograph movement. Breitling Homemade 01 Movement is an excellent intelligent platform that provides support for other useful features, including dual time zones and world time displays, with unprecedented ease of use and convenience. Breitling Homemade B03 movement combines the advantages of this high-performance "engine" with 70 hours of power reserve (to ensure better rating stability), as well as innovative modular design structures. The new movement of the double chase device contains only 28 parts; Breitling most of these parts re-combination and installed to a base and calendar devices in the module, effectively simplifying the movement of the production, assembly and maintenance work; Breitling can be removed directly from the movement of this module, and its maintenance and repair. Like the rest of the Breitling movement, the new Breitling B03 movement has a Swiss official observatory (COSC) that represents the most accurate and reliable benchmark.<br>
    <p>In order to better highlight this remarkable new "engine", Breitling chose its world-renowned aerial watch series (Navitimer) to present this new technology. 100 years of aviation time series watch since the advent of 1952, has become the world’s various types of mechanical chronograph watch one of the originator. Breitling Air Chronograph Double Chase Styles are equipped with a 45mm case and are available in two different versions – the steel version and 250 red gold limited edition with transparent sapphire table bottom. These two watches have adopted a unique bronze dial, and silver timer and the inner ring complement each other, the perfect interpretation of the classic appearance of the aviation time series. This watch also has a very delicate details of the design: air time series watch pointer end usually with the famous brand "B" and anchor logo, but in this watch, this classic design is a Divided into two – red chronograph pointer with a "B" at the end, with the end of the needle with an anchor pattern. This means that when the needle stops, the two patterns will be separated from each other; the pointer will be combined when the overlap, showing Breitling classic logo. Crown 3 o’clock position with a chronograph timer button, can be used for sub-timing and more competitors competing results. This excellent performance of the ultimate mechanical chronology, will be Breitling legend series to open a new chapter.RADO WATCHES cheap</p>
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    <p>Case: Titanium,Tonneau<br>
    Case diameter : 48.00mm x 39.30mm<br>
    Dial: Skeletonized<br>
    Movement: Self Winding/Automatic<br>
    FUNCTIONS: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date<br>
    BUCKLE: Pin Buckle<br>
    GLASS: Sapphire<br>
    STRAP: Leather<br>
    Thickness: 13.84 mm</p>
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    <p>Urwerk’s UR-210 new movement with "winding efficiency indicator"</p>
    <p> WERK co-founder and chief designer Martin Frei pointed out that the new Urwerk UR-210 is "a piece of URW-210 that is more than any other URWERK." The eye is unavoidably attracted To the winding efficiency index … it is almost a magnetic attraction. The UR-210 is not a real watch, but a living body transplanted to the wrist.We are nicknamed the "Malta Falcon" UR-210 Because we see it as a dream thing. "This watch is really a unique look and design as well as complications.</p>
    <p>Watch the watch, observe the traditional power storage instructions at an o’clock position. At 11 o’clock, a similar indicator can be found, which is the first complication of the world showing winding efficiency over the past two hours. The combination information of the power reserve indicator and the winding efficiency indicator allows the wearer to know when to start moving the arm or adjust the winding efficiency selector, which can be adjusted to the level of activity. When the UR-210 needs to be wound, the indicator will point to the red area and will point to the green area when there is enough energy.Urwerk 200 Collection watches</p>
    <p>This watch dial is ideal for its large, high-tech 3D retrograde minute hand, including hourly satellites and shows a time scale of 0 to 60 minutes. At the fifty-ninth minute, the sharp voice indicates the return of the minute hand to the starting point.</p>
    <p>UR Technical Specification</p>
    <p>Material: Titanium and steel<br>
    Size: 43.8mm wide, 53.6mm long, 17.8mm thick<br>
    Two position winding windings are behind the winding efficiency selector<br>
    <p>Caliber: UR? 7.10<br>
    Jewelry: 51<br>
    Escape: Swiss Lever<br>
    Balance: single metal<br>
    Frequency: 28,800v / h, 4Hz<br>
    Balance spring: flat<br>
    Power supply: single hair tube<br>
    Power reserve: 39 hours<br>
    Winding system: The self-winding is coupled to the turbine<br>
    Material: ARCAP P40 board<br>
    3D minute aluminum alloy with brass counterweight; center cylindrical coil spring Steel; aluminum hour satellite; center carousel and screw in Titanium Grade 5.<br>
    Surface treatment: round scrub, sandblasting, round and straight satin finished board; satin finish and diamond polished satellites; bevel and polished screwdriver. dial<br>
    Patented rotating satellite complications with wandering hours and three-dimensional retrograde minute hands<br>
    Super LumiNova treatment mark, dial, index, hand and satellite. Indications<br>
    Power reserve targets<br>
    Winding efficiency index</p>
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    <p>Hublot replica Watch Mp 05 Ferrari fashion</p>
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    <p>Urwerk CC1 Cobra MARCUS London Unique strike with bold presence</p>
    <p>The Urwerk CC1 Cobra Watch certainly won the unique charm of excellence because it has joined the outstanding masterpiece at the 10th anniversary of MARCUS London.</p>
    <p>Urwerk CC1 Cobra is a bold toxic watch, it is worth mentioning that it can safely call it "King CC1 Cobra Kingdom" because it occupies sovereignty. This watch bold black presence and red accent, like Cobra as ferocious paralyzed venom. The special performance of the watch’s reading time is an aesthetic pleasure that makes the spectator into a hypnotic movement.</p>
    <p>Yes, Urwerk’s first CC1 Cobra debuted in 2009 and it is still a very spectacular watch. Its unique avant-garde arrival is absolutely amazing; however, it is with the Patek Philippe 1958 Cobra watches the passion with the comparable. Although the response to the first CC1 Cobra is surprisingly mixed, the response to London’s new bold and powerful majestic Urwerk CC1 Cobra is never a reserve.</p>
    <p>Urwerk CC1 Cobra for London MARCUS features include a 45.7 mm X 43.5 mm 18-carat white case with titanium substrate and sapphire crystal, with AlTiN (titanium aluminum nitride) finishes. It has a linear surface of the Urwerk caliber UR-CC1 self-winding movement, including two horizontal indications, showing two linear display retrograde (cylinder) jump hours and minutes; operating the vertical cam cam on the side of the housing The window can be seen, so that the first can also be through the back cover rebound of the small cylinder rotation. The second display is also digital and Richard Mille RM 027 replica watch</p>
    <p>This unique watch is a limited piece, of course, is in line with MARCUS unique exhibition standards, in essence, can only be one. Of course, if you want to experience the unique limited edition of the exhibition at MARCUS London’s 10th Anniversary Exhibition on October 2, 2012, you will need to attend the home of the 2012 Olympic Games.</p>
    <p>Packing your luggage, seizing your passport, and booking a flight to London to experience a unique masterpiece that can only be found at MARCUS London’s 10th Anniversary Show. Just be careful, however, that you can use the CC1 Cobra to flirt, however, its movement and hypnotic venom may make your feel paralyzed and quote your wishes so that luxury and expensive purchases are well worth the investment.HYT SKULL BAD BOY 151-DL-43-NF-AS REPLICA WATCH</p>
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