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    Recall: In 2001, Bayer voluntarily withdrew Baycol from the market after the FDA
    received reports of 31 deaths associated with the side effect of rhabdomyolysis …Jul 10, 2006 A cholesterol-lowering drug taken by 700,000 Americans — Bayer
    Pharmaceutical's Baycol — was pulled off the market Wednesday because …Dec 10, 2010 Baycol, prescribed to patients as a treatment for high cholesterol, … Vioxx is
    considered to be the largest drug recall in history, and one which …Aug 23, 2001 A cholesterol drug 's dose may have been pushed too high, exposing Bayer to a
    recall and lawsuits.May 25, 2009 Bayer AG is still trying to recover from the scandal surrounding the recall of its
    anti-cholesterol drug Baycol in August 2001. Baycol was a …Though the anti-cholesterol medication Baycol was removed from worldwide
    circulation in … This Baycol lawsuit ruled Bayer (manufacturer of Baycol) of
    negligence. … Paxil Lawsuit · Xan Confections Issues Recall of Peanut Butter
    Products …Sep 26, 2001 The recent withdrawal of cerivastatin (Baycol<sup>®Keywords Baycol / Lipobay , Bayer , drug safety , ethics , product liability … prior
    to Baycol, between 0 and 0.5 per …… of 2001, the recall made headlines in the.Oct 14, 2016 Baycol, made by Bayer, was recalled after being on the market for four years. In
    2001, Bayer recalled Baycol, a drug for patients with high …Approved in 1997, Baycol is part of a class of cholesterol-lowering drugs called …
    Doering blames the FDA's approval process for today's recall: "This recall …Dec 10, 2010 This is a list of the worst drug recalls since the FDA became responsible for …
    Baycol, prescribed to patients as a treatment for high cholesterol, …Baycol and rhabdomyolysis. … 60 deaths to accumulate in their adverse drug
    report lists before finally being galvanized into action to do a simple recall action.Aug 10, 2017 These are some of the largest drug recalls in the history of the FDA: … Baycol was
    prescribed to patients with high cholesterol and is thought to …The three classes of FDA product recalls are ordered by the degree of risk of
    injury to the public.Oct 1, 2011 Baycol is a member of a family of drugs known as " Statins". … of Baycol ( the
    Bayer Corporation) decided that it would recall Baycol from the …cerivastatin (Baycol) was a cholesterol drug that was recalled by the FDA in the
    United States.Cerivastatin is a synthetic member of the class of statins used to lower cholesterol
    and prevent cardiovascular disease. It was marketed by the pharmaceutical …Manufacturer: Bayer A.G.; Recall date: 2001 (after four years on … Baycol (
    cerivastatin) is a synthetic member of the class of …Dec 2, 2016 Cerivastatin (also known as Baycol) was recalled after just four years on the
    market in 2001. Intended to treat high cholesterol, it caused severe …Feb 12, 2016 … suffer the consequences. Learn about 5 of the most noteworthy drug recalls in
    our latest blog. … Baycol (Cerivastatin). Bayol spent four years …

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