Good Manners refers to the polite and good social behaviour. Good Manners plays a significant role in building human relationships. It lays the foundation of a stable social pattern. It implies certain values of human relationship that kept the society alive and kicking. [1]

It is true that human life today has become speedy and hectic. Life has become too much diversified and fast. There are national and international societies that can meet within the shortest possible time, because time and space have been conquered. Naturally it is commonly thought that good manners that bound the social relations have now fallen out of use. I, however, disagree with the view. [1]

Good manners are still needed, because manners imply stable values. They do not depend on social structures; rather all kinds of social structures depend on them. [1]

The values like respect, loyalty, gratitude or obligation are fundamental in their character and quality. Our social and family ethics of behaviour have been determined by our respect for such values. A highly educated son bows in respect to his parents and seniors, because that is part of his social and family ethics. [1]

Even big international dealings are based on good manners. Nations that flout good manners in such dealings are exposed. Good manners do not cost us much. It is the mark of nation’s character. If a nation cites the Bible and the Geeta, but behaves like a fraud, it becomes a target of attack for the world at large. [1]

Good manners are an index of the degree of refinement, whether it is in individual, in a society or in a nation. The mode of observing such manners do change. The ways of being hospitable today are not the same as in our ancient days. But to be hospitable is yet a yardstick of one’s culture and character. To tell lies, to behave like a turncoat, to take undue advantage of one’s goodness have been bad and are bad even today. These are the parts or constituents of good manners. One cannot enumerate them. The norms of human behaviour change in our fast changing social life, but the status of ‘good manners’ remains constant. Good manners are closely linked to moral values. Shakespeare’s line, “The baby beats the nurse and athwart goes all decorum” is a self aeons of human existence. [1]

Manners are very useful. Manners make us gentlemen. We are called gentlemen when we show good manners. Good manners make friends for us. Because people like to make friendship with the people of good manners. Good manners may turn our enemies into our friends. But bad manners will surely turn our friends into our enemies. So, we should be very particular about our manners. [2]

The basic principles of good manners

There are certain fundamental principles on which all our manners should base. They are as follows. We should not hurt the mind of others. We should not wound the feelings of others. We should avoid pride, vanity, emotion, anger and harshness of voice when we behave with others. Our talk should be always plain and sweet. We should give patient hearing to others. We should speak less of ourselves. Our attitude should be sympathetic. We should learn how to make appreciation of others. We should observe the forms of behavior like ‘please’, ‘kindly’, ‘thanks’, ‘sorry’, ‘no, thanks’, etc. when they are due. We should be respectful to our elders, and superiors. We should be loving and kind to our youngsters. We should be sincere in our attitude. We should not make false promises. We should never deceive. We should be neat and clean. These are some of the basic principles upon which all our manners and behaviors should rest. [2]

Manners at home

We should obey our parents and elders. We should care for the old and the weak. We should be loving and kind to our youngsters. [2]

Manners at school

In the school we should make kind behaviors to our fellow students. We should help the weaker one in their study. We should respect our teachers. We should salute our teachers at the first meeting in a day. We should work well in our subject of study. Because not to be sincere for a subject is a disrespect to the subject-teacher. We should not criticize our teachers. We should maintain proper discipline in the school. [2]

Manners at a general meeting

We should behave properly when we are in a meeting. We should obey the president of the meeting. We should not disturb or interrupt when one is speaking. We should not indulge inside-talking when we are in a meeting. [2]

Manners at interview

Sometimes we shall have to appear at interview in order to get a job. There we shall have to be very particular about our manners. We should not go before them unless we are called for. We must keep sitting on the waiting bench till they call us. We should not ask them to call us. We will allow them to call us at their convenience. We should keep proper discipline and silence when we are on the waiting bench. We will go before them immediately after we are called for. There we will salute them. We shall not sit unless we are told to sit. We should always pay attention to what they ask and say. We should not look round here and there like monkeys. We will answer to them in a gentle voice. We will answer that much which they want. We should not move our legs, hands and heads. We should not put our hands on their tables. We should not stand so close to them. We should be very neat and clean. [2]


Good manners are quite essential for us. So, students should try to observe good manners at every place. Teachers should guide them in this respect. [2]





[2] Radhakanta Swain, Essay on Good Manners