Living Green Magazine


Living Green Magazine is an online publication that informs and educates readers on a range of environmental and lifestyle issues. We balance news stories with articles that highlight nonprofit causes and provide sustainable solutions for individuals, families, businesses, and communities. Our readers come in all shades of green, and want to create a healthy environment for themselves and others. Some people describe Living Green Magazine as “the NPR of green websites.”

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Our companion website is My Green Face, “where socializing leads to action.” It’s an online environmental community where members come together to learn, share, discuss—and collaborate to help save the planet.

Living Green Magazine and My Green Face are part of Living Green Media LLC, which is headquartered in Ohio.
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Our Planet Magazine


UNEP’s quarterly magazine Our Planet features authoritative articles on the theme of environment and development by world scientific and political leaders. Our Planet has an estimated annual print readership of around 300,000 a year, while the Internet editions are read by some seven million people from 118 countries. Our Planet is published in English, French, and Spanish, with Korean, Chinese, and Japanese language versions produced by local UNEP-linked groups.

The first issue of 2007 – which appeared on the occasion of the 24th session of UNEP’s Governing Council in early February – represented a major overhaul of the magazine, in terms of both content and design. Under the title ‘Connected Dreams – Globalization and Environment’ and echoing the theme of the Governing Council, the new-look Our Planet features a more modern design, a larger format, as well as a number of new features: ‘reflections’, ‘verbatim’, ‘numbers’, ‘books’, ‘people’, ‘awards and events’, ‘products’, and a page on relevant Internet resources.


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The Environmental Magazine


E – The Environmental Magazine premiered in print in January 1990 on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the first Earth Day and in the wake of the infamous Exxon Valdez oil spill. At the time, the American public was also reeling from reports of medical waste washing up on New Jersey shores, fires blazing in Yellowstone Park and unusually hot weather that had earned the summer of 1988 the nickname “The Greenhouse Summer.”

Since its inception, the magazine’s mission has remained the same: to provide information about environmental issues and to share ideas and resources so that readers can live more sustainable lives and connect with ongoing efforts for change.

E has remained independent of any membership organization and has no agenda to promote except that of our very diverse and dynamic environmental movement as a whole. As such, E has cast a wide net editorially, covering everything environmental — from the big issues like climate change, renewable energy and toxins and health, to the topics that directly impact our readers’ daily lives: how to eat right and stay healthy, where to invest responsibly and how to save energy at home.

In 2013, E made the transition to an online-only publication. These days the entire archive of articles from E‘s 23 year run in print is available for free via this website, with new content provided by the producers at our sister site, the online home of the internationally syndicated EarthTalk Q&A column.

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Green Source Magazine


A glance at GreenSource’s masthead reveals that some of us are from Architectural Record, while others are from McGraw Hill Financial, of which Architectural Record is a part, while others are with BuildingGreen, LLC.

GreenSource is developed with a process similar to the integrated design process undertaken for sustainable buildings. Our collaborative team members meet to brainstorm and debate about ideas and projects worthy of occupying the pages of the magazine and page views of the Web site. The McGraw Hill team has the active participation of four of Architectural Record’s editors. In addition, our editorial partners BuildingGreen have nearly two decades of experience publishing Environmental Building News and the GreenSpec Directory. Between us, we have decades of experience as practitioners in the fields of building design, not to mention publishing. We’re all backed by McGraw Hill’s sales and production staff. Although BuildingGreen is located in Vermont and Architectural Record is in New York, we meet in person at least six times a year to evaluate projects, lay out articles, and discuss where GreenSource needs to go next.

Like successful building-design teams, we share a willingness to try new things, ambitions to improve what we make, and a desire to respond to the needs of our readers. With numerous design and editorial awards under our belt, it seems to be working.

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Mother Earth News


The most popular and longest-running sustainable-lifestyle magazine, MOTHER EARTH NEWS provides wide-ranging, expert editorial coverage of organic foods, country living, green transportation, renewable energy, natural health and green building. Lively, insightful and on the cutting edge, MOTHER EARTH NEWS is the definitive read for the growing number of Americans who choose wisely and live well. Watch the video below from our friends at Sunflower Journeys for more on our history and parent company, Ogden Publications.

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Green Magazine


Green magazine is published bimonthly by Green Press P/L and distributed nationally be Gordon and Gotch and as a subscription service.

Green is Australia’s leading publication for inspirational stories on sustainable design featuring local and international houses, gardens and profiles.

Discover spectacular urban, regional and coastal architecture featuring cutting edge environmental ideas.

View the latest in local and international product design in Upfront and read about the innovative projects in residential and community gardens.

Green is also available via digital platforms as a subscription or single issues purchase.

Follow green via social media for up to date sustainable design news.

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Permaculture Magazine


Permaculture: practical solutions for self-reliance is a bestselling international green/environmental magazine. Its 88 pages are packed with inspiring articles written by leading experts alongside the readers’ own tips and solutions.

Published quarterly, this pioneering magazine is full of money saving ideas for your home, garden and community. It features thought provoking articles on:
• organic gardening
• food & drink
• renewable technology and green building
• education, health and economics
• transition towns and ecovillages
• personal and community development
• sustainable agriculture and agroforestry
• and much more

It is also full of reviews of the latest books, dvds, tools and products, details of courses and access to contacts who will help you achieve your own goals and dreams.

Permaculture offers innovative ways for you to deal with our changing climate and its effect on us all. Taking its inspiration from robust, biodiverse natural systems,Permaculture offers practical ways for all of us to live more sustainable, harmonious and productive lives.

Increasing numbers of people worldwide, including many celebrities and experts (there is even a permaculture garden at the White House), are taking their inspiration from permaculture and redesigning their lives. You can too.

Established in 1992, the print edition has over 100,000 readers per issue, and receives over 4 million page views a year.

Don’t accept an era of cynicism, climate denial, greenwash and passivity, turn a new page and pick-up a copy of Permaculture.

Cover price £4.95 / US$8.99 / CAN$9.99

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The Planet Magazine



Bellingham, United States

THE PLANET MAGAZINE is the quarterly student publication of Western Washington University’s Huxley College of the Environment. We are dedicated to environmental advocacy through responsible journalism.

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Eco IQ Magazine

ecoIQmagazine exists to support and promote a transition to sustainability. We provide media and educational products and services, and we focus on the strategies, tactics and tools needed by leaders, educators, and advocates working for sustainability.

Among our more significant projects are, the EcoIQ Magazine, and includes more than 200 quality speakers for conferences, meetings, and campus events. The EcoSpeakers Bookstore offers the books of our speakers, including hundreds of enlightening and inspiring volumes and dozens of best sellers. You can support EcoSpeakers and our individual speakers by purchasing their books here.

EcoIQ Magazine is an online journal including features, opinion, news and events, resources and reviews. Many of our speakers have articles in EcoIQ Magazine. also includes The EcoGateway. It is our portal to more than 5,000 web sites and pages, and it includes a Link Center, Anthologies, and Directories. provides a portal to online educational and public affairs video programming covering all aspects of sustainability. was founded by Dennis Church, and it is supported by professionals, advisors, and contributing editors. Most important, we are honored to promote the work of our 200+ outstanding speakers.

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Green Magazine


Want to go green? Or at least be a bit greener? Does either option leave you feeling overwhelmed? Not to fear—you don’t have to make a 100% change in your lifestyle to join the green movement.
Green Magazine is introducing the Fifty Shades Of Green – your guide to “going green” at the pace and speed of your choosing, designed to fit your life. Here we encourage simple, sustainable alternatives for those costly and unnecessary habits. We emphasize the importance of “baby steps” rather than a total reconstruction of our comfortable lifestyles. “Going green” can be as easy as reading (and learning) about what the term really means, and Green Magazine is the place for you to get started. What type of green are you?:
MINT GREEN – You have a recycling bin at home and just purchased 10-cent reusable grocery bags.
LIME GREEN – You just bought a Tesla; zoom, zoom.
EMERALD GREEN – You recycle, garden, and just installed solar panels. You only take the SUV on ski trips. Otherwise, you drive the Prius.
EVERGREEN – You ride a bike to work every day, wear clothes made from hemp, garden your own vegetables, and compost all food waste.
Whatever your type, we have the news you need to meet your goals.

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green@work Magazine


green@work is the essential guide to the business world’s growing embrace of sustainability. It covers corporate responsibility from a positive point of view, relating best practices and demonstrating the growing business case for green strategies.

green@work provides its readers with essential literacy on environmental and social sustainability in the business context. It explores developments in the greening of business, and covers relevant legislative and regulatory trends. It delivers basic tools and suggestions for applying the principles of sustainability-both professionally and personally.

Each issue delivers insightful coverage of the latest in corporate sustainability and previews of what’s on the horizon. It presents critical information and makes it meaningful and applicable: which issues are crucial, what’s being done successfully and how you can do it.

green@work’s readers are the socially conscious professionals at the forefront of the move to sustainability. They are the early adopters of green products, socially responsible investors and the people who educate their friends and family about the benefits of green living. They are also conscientious, mission-driven professionals helping businesses plan and execute for long-term success.

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ECOS Magazine


Since 1974, ECOS has reported on sustainability issues from a scientific perspective for Australia’s national scientific research agency, CSIRO.
Through well-researched features relevant research, ECOS serves as a forum for:
authoritative articles focused on the environment and sustainability
raising awareness of ecological principles, and
explaining the challenges and benefits of good sustainable development.

ECOS is widely read in the workplace, government departments, universities, schools, libraries and environment centres around Australia.

In 2011, after 37 years, the magazine moved to an online only format extending its reach to a broader national and international community of interest. All content is freely accessible.

In 2015, ECOS started a new chapter as a blog. With the same emphasis on sustainability and science the new blog publishes articles regularly.

This online archive of around 6000 articles is a rich source of material for anyone seeking to understand sustainability issues and how these have developed, been addressed and, in many case, remain current today.

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Sustainable Business Magazine


“More and more, companies are affected by environmental urgencies, stringent environmental public policy and consumer pressures: there is a clear need to measure, manage and mitigate corporate impacts and dependencies on nature and society.” (World Business Council on Sustainable Development (WBCSD))

Sustainable Business Magazine is the only industry publication focusing solely on sustainable business development.

The magazine, and accompanying website, provides a platform for senior executives to showcase the ways in which they’re attempting to meet 21st century challenges. Detailed features on new initiatives and cutting edge projects, combined with up-to-date news on policies, technologies, and events, make Sustainable Business Magazine the number one source of information on business sustainability.

The publication’s content is based around the three core components of sustainable business development; economic sustainability, environmental sustainability, and social sustainability.

Each issue contains featured articles on associations, universities, and companies from various industries, providing an opportunity for senior executives to detail the ways in which they’re trying to promote sustainable development. The publication also regularly includes interviews with industry and sustainability experts, as well as up-to-date news on conferences, trade shows, and other events.

Sustainable Business Magazine helps to spread awareness of the values of sustainability, as well as the brilliant ways in which institutions continue to meet challenges and champion corporate social responsibility.

Subscription to Sustainable Business Magazine is free of charge.

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Sustainability Matters Magazine


Our Sustainability Matters magazine and website provide busy environmental and sustainability-focused professionals with an easy-to-use, readily available source of information that is crucial to gaining valuable industry insight. Members have access to thousands of informative items across a range of media channels (see details below).

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The latest industry news
Feature and technical articles
Case studies
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Industry directory
Event information

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