Sustainable Development Achievements in a Database System

C. E. Băișan, M. Gheorghe, Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 657, pp. 1016-1020, Oct. 2014

Various sustainable developments and related matters have been accomplished. Sustainable development achievements enhance a balance between society, environment and economy conditions. This paper presents the relevant characteristics of different existing sustainable development projects, as support for the completion of new, innovative sustainable development achievements, selection criteria and building up a database system. The design, production, commercialization, use, recovering of a product, service or system must be achieved so that to satisfy the developer, producer and user needs i.e. to be multifunctional, with recycled components, resource-efficient, eco-friendly, easy to use, reusable, recyclable etc, by case.

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Sustainable Extraction, Proccesing and Power Plants for a Database System

C. E. Băișan, M. Gheorghe, Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 760, pp. 763-769, May. 2015

Industry is one of the economy sector with an important impact over the environment, such as natural resources depletion, energy consumption, pollution etc. It is essential that engineering companies perform their research, design, implementation and exploitation activities in order to contribute to environmental preservation, and, in the same time, to be aware and use the sustainable developments that have already been achieved. The present main contributions are the revealing, critical analysis and characterization of case studies on sustainable solutions regarding different extraction, processing and power plants, as an important support for the completion of a new database system with eco-achievements from different fields.

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Lean Manufacturing Benefits in a Pharmaceutical Production Plant

D. Sîrbu, C. E. Băișan, Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 657, pp. 991-995, Oct. 2014

This paper attempts to stress on several main methods of Lean culture applied in Zentiva Romania pharmaceuticals production plant, such as: +QDCI, SMED, 5S, etc. A systematic analysis and development of adequate actions for solving the considered critical problem have been accomplished, based on the Lean manufacturing principles. The Lean tools applied in Zentiva Romania are being used to identify and eliminate wasteful steps in products and processes, increase the manufacturing capability and reduce cost, in order to remain competitive on the market, deal with fast transfers of new products and technologies, etc. An important result is the emphasize of the Lean methods implementation benefits, such as greater productivity, improved lead times, elimination of waste, innovation stimulation, safer work environment, better monitoring of the outputs etc.

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Lean and Sustainability: How Can They Reinforce Each Other?

Rudolphus Emanuel Gort, MBA Management Project Report, TiasNimbas Business School, 2008

The purpose of this dissertation is to find out whether sustainability can introduce lean to companies in situations other than a crisis. The project also looks at how lean, as a proven management system, can support sustainability in becoming economically more attractive.

This dissertation starts with an extensive literature review, first about lean, followed by sustainability. It looks at: definitions, reasons why, how to, and barriers. Then a combined literature review focuses on: the communalities, potential conflicts, and how lean and sustainability can support one another. Each chapter concludes with a conceptual framework where findings are summed.

The findings show that lean is mainly used for its practical guidance, by using its tools and techniques, while also helping to make the broad concept of sustainability more tangible. However, without adopting lean’s long-term philosophic base, its utilisation remains superficial and is less likely to have a long lasting impact.

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